About BSUR

Welcome to the BSUR website. The British Society of Urogenital Radiology is a Charitable Society, which aims to promote Urogenital Radiology as a specialty and to support education, training and research within this field.

The Society organizes an annual scientific meeting and helps to organise other uroradiological educational activities during the year in conjunction with other organisations.

Membership is open to UK and overseas medical practitioners with an interest in urogenital radiology, both at consultant and trainee level. The strength of the Society depends on its membership, I hope that all Radiologists with interest in the speciality would join and take an active part in the affairs of the Society.

The aim of the website is to keep our members informed of current events, to keep members up to date with current knowledge and to allow exchange of ideas, experience and advances in the practise of urogenital radiology. The website also seeks to inform other healthcare professionals and the public about medical practise, techniques and procedures related to urogenital radiology. Feedback and comments from all users is encouraged and welcomed.

There are many issues and exciting developments in urogenital radiology and radiologists in this field are always willing to discuss and share experience to help improve patient care